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Faith Community Nursing Manual
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Faith Community Nursing Manual

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Seventh-day Adventists have long recognized the value of health. We believe that, in the whole person, spiritual and physical healing cannot be separated. Besides ministering to our own members, we wish to reach out to our communities, serving their needs as Christ did. Faith Community Nursing is one response to human need. Faith Community Nursing is the specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting wholistic health and preventing or minimizing illness in a faith community. The Faith Community Nursing ministry operates through the skills of registered nurses serving within a ministerial setting and functioning within a health ministry. This complete manual will help you learn more about: Starting a local Faith Community Nursing program Recruiting nursing staff Nursing standards Assessment tools for congregational health appraisal Tips for visiting the sick Documentation and accountability Performance evaluations And much more Faith Community Nursing should be an integral part of the mission of your church’s health ministry. This manual will help you build and support a meaningful and wholistic approach to Faith Community Nursing. Paperback. Copyright 2012.


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