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Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change (Facilitator Guide)
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Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change (Facilitator Guide)

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Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change is a training experience that will transform your personal lifestyle change efforts and forever change the way you “do” health ministry. This Facilitator Guide provides everything you need to lead a Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change training program – no previous coach training or experience necessary! The guide includes resources for organizing and promoting the training, as well as step-by-step instructions for leading each group session. Session 1: The Lifestyle Coaching Approach ...explains what it is and why it is important for a congregation to include in their health ministry activities. Session 2: The Gift of Perspective …introduces the mindset that a Christian Lifestyle Coach brings to a coaching conversation and a fundamental understanding of the process of lifestyle change. Session 3: The Gift of Presence …presents key listening skills and the concept of defining a personal wellness vision as a first step when considering lifestyle change. Session 4: The Gift of Clarity …offers techniques for asking questions to take a conversation a little deeper and help someone set lifestyle change goals, weekly action steps and strategies for meeting challenges. Session 5: The Gift of Support …addresses approaches for providing support for lifestyle change and integrating faith with lifestyle coaching. Session 6: Putting It All Together …explores how a lifestyle coaching approach can be incorporated into congregational health ministry activities. Copyright 2010. Paperback.


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