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1-12-16 Loma Linda University study finds correlation between vegan diets and lowered risk of prostate cancer

3-25-15 Over $10 Million in Free Health Care to be Made Available to San Antonio Residents

9-28-14 Wayne 5K run aimed at boosting healthy eating, exercise

9-21-14 Seventh-day Adventists promote wellness in Manteca

9-14-14 Church event preaches benefits of active lifestyle

6-25-14 Vegetarian diets produce fewer greenhouse gases and increase longevity, say new studies from Loma Linda University Health

4-11-14 Black vegetarians at lower risk for heart disease, says Loma Linda University Health study

3-23-14 Dental Care at Free Health Fair Packs Them In

3-18-14 Loma Linda University Health TV show to air nationally on PBS’s WORLD Channel beginning April 4

9-18-13 Olympian, Terry Brahm, Encourages Hoosier Health at Let’s Move! Day Indianapolis

7-10-13 "Loma Linda 360" wins Five Emmy® Awards

06-14-13 Loma Linda University Health kicks off new Loma Linda Farmers Market Night

06-12-13 Vegetarian Diet Linked to Longer Life, Less CVD Mortality

06-06-13 Major Study Affirms Adventists’ Vegetarian Diet

06-06-13 Obama’s mental health initiative receives faith, community support

06-05-13 Talking Points: National Conference on Mental Health

06-04-13 U.S. study of Adventists finds vegetarians live longer

06-04-13 Vegetarian diet tied to fewer deaths over time

06-04-13 Vegetarian diet may reduce risk of early death

06-04-13 Vegetarian diet may reduce risk of early death

06-03-13 Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Risk of Death

05-31-13 EMBARGOED: Vegetarian Diets Associated with Lower Risk of Death

03-11-13 The Lovely Hill: Where People Live Longer and Happier

02-25-13 Plant-based diets with nuts and virgin olive oil can reduce risk of heart disease by 30%

02-20-13 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition at Loma Linda University Health

12-18-12 Vegans and Vegetarians are Less Likely to Develop Certain Cancers

10-05-12 El Paso On the move joins Let's Move Day

09-25-12 North America’s Let’s Move! Day promotes fitness for children

09-23-12 Hundreds on hand for Vibrant Life Health Expo

07-17-12 U.S. News ranks LLU Medical Center #1 in Southern California’'s IE

06-27-12 LLU among top schools in nation for producing family doctors

06-15-12 Loma Linda University Center for Health receives $5.9 million grant

05-08-12 SDA health guidelines, longevity still powerful draw

03-30-12 FDA Acts to Stop Tobacco Industry Deception About Health Risks

03-08-12 Seventh-Day Adventists Celebrate Adventist InStep for Life

02-07-12 Presidents set example for Let’s Move and InStep for Life

02-07-12 Molly Geddis' lifestyle allows long and active career

01-31-12 U.S. Surgeon General commends Adventists on holistic well-being

01-28-12 US Surgeon Gen’l to Orlando: We want to bring health to you

01-11-12 Seventh-day Adventist Church Hosts Health Summit

12-22-11 Adventist Among White House Honorees

09-27-11 Let’s Move Day Garners White House, Media Attention

09-26-11 Adventists in America make strides in curbing childhood obesity

09-26-11 Battle Creek Academy gets moving on "Let's Move Day"

09-25-11 Runners, walkers get moving to promote childhood wellness

09-25-11 Cohansey Christian School joins with Let's Move!

09-25-11 Macon Residents Move To Fight Obesity

09-22-11 Volunteers to help out at Simi Valley community garden

09-19-11 Loma Linda University Health System Admin to visit White House

08-09-11 Adventist Health Study-2 Awarded $5.5 Million from NIH

07-28-11 PAHO, SDA Partner to Strengthen Health Efforts in the Americas

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