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Faith Community Nursing

What is Faith Community Nursing

With roots in the nineteenth century, Faith Community Nursing, also known as Parish Nursing, has emerged as one of the fastest growing movements in nursing today. The term “parish” takes its origin from the root word which means “to walk beside”, and was initially chosen to describe the type of nursing paradigm where the nurse functions within a congregational setting. As a member of the ministerial staff, the Faith Community Nurse assists in the development of health ministry and “walks beside” the members to empower each to take ownership of their personal health and achieve the optimal level possible.

Futurists talk about it as a powerful new movement that will be part of the solution for current health care system problems. The movement is spreading across the country and around the globe.

Who can be a Faith Community Nurse

A Faith Community Nurse is a registered nurse who recognizes that spiritual care is central to the practice and facilitates wholistic health across the age span of a congregation. As a result, the faith community once again reclaims its healing role in the community by integrating the standards of health within the context of faith. The majority of faith community nurses are BSN prepared and have current experience in the nursing process. Many faith community nurses are masters and doctoral prepared and have degrees in fields such as nursing, psychology, education, and theology.

Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing (AAFCN)

Download the AAFCN brochure.
Click here to become a member of AAFCN

There are two categories of membership to the AAFCN:
  1. Active FCN Members
  2. Friends of AAFCN

AAFCN members – Orlando, 2014

Active Membership
Active Members qualify as one of the following:
  1. Adventist Faith Community Nurses who have received education as designated in the ANA Faith Community Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice
  2. Adventist Faith Community Nurse Coordinators who have received education as designated in the FCN Scope & Standards of Practice
  3. Charter member : those who have become members before December 31, 2013 and who renew every year since then.
Active Membership Fee
$45 (USD) per year 

Active Membership Benefits
  • Quarterly AAFCN newsletter
  • Discounts to AAFCN events, NAD health ministry events
  • Membership AAFCN pin

Friends of AAFCN
Friends of AAFCN qualify as one of the following:
  1. Individuals who are preparing to become FCNs or those who are closely associated with an FCN program either in their church or institution
  2. Are designated as one of the following:
    1. Health Ministry Leaders or team members
    2. Pastors, denominational, or institutional affiliates with an FCN or Health Ministry program
    3. Nurses and nursing students
Friends of AAFCN Membership Fee
$20 (USD) per year

Friend of AAFCN Membership Benefits
  • Quarterly AAFCN Newsletter
  • 20% discount for Foundations of FCN Course
  • Eligible for application for FCN Course scholarships

FCN Training

We invite you to consider getting your education in Faith Community Nursing from one of our Adventist Health organizations in North America offering the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing curriculum.  Training opportunities are offered through the following:
Health Ministries Department of the North American Division
Adventist HealthCare

Adventist WholeHealth Network
Alysha Hollingshead

Florida Hospital
Regina Buchanan
Kettering College
Chris Vandenburgh

2014 FCN Class – NAD Health Summit

Helpful Links

Westberg Institute of Faith Community Nursing
Formerly the International Parish Nursing Resource Center and Church Health Center


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