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CABL Reporting

Reporting Requirements and Procedures

In order to receive your stipend, please note the following requirements.
  1. College/university must submit CABL stipend application during Spring or Summer (August 31 deadline) to receive $1,000 stipend funds for school year (Fall/Spring).
  2. One application is required for each school. Funds will be granted pending availability on a first come and first serve basis ($1,000 per school max).
  3. School must abide by required elements/activities as listed on Program Requirements page
  4. $1,000 CABL stipend to be given to student CABL leader
  5. Funds will be dispersed upon submission of reports ($500 per report)
Report Deadlines
Two reports are required each school year.  CABL student advocates should submit their written reports by the following dates:
Report Form
Download the reporting form here.  Your reports should be emailed to Paul Lehmann, CABL Coordinator, at plehmann@burmanu.ca.
Be sure that you also post and tag pictures, etc on Facebook and Twitter!  These will be reviewed prior to sending your stipend check.