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CABL Reporting

Reporting Requirements and Procedures

In order to receive your stipend, please note the following requirements.
  1. College/university must submit CABL stipend application during Spring or Summer (July 31 deadline) to receive $1000 stipend funds for school year (Fall/Spring).
  2. One application is required for each school. Funds will be granted pending availability on a first come and first serve basis ($1000 per school max).
  3. School must abide by above require elements/activities process
  4. $1,000 CABL stipend to be given to student CABL leader
  5. Funds will be dispersed upon submission of reports ($500 per report)
Report Deadlines
Two reports are required each school year.  CABL student advocates should submit their written reports by the following dates:
  • Fall:  December 15
  • Spring:  May 15
Your reports should be emailed to Paul Lehmann, CABL Coordinator, at plehmann@burmanu.ca.

Report Requirements
All reports should contain the following information:
Name of College/University
Name of CABL Student Leader
Date of report
For each program/activity: Name of program/activity  
  2-3 objectives of program/activity  
  Partner organization & what role they had Time,Space,Finances
  Personnel Average weekly time spent on planning & execution
  Number of attendees  
  Success of program 1 = lowest; 10 = highest
  Suggestions to improve program next time  
  Would you do it again Yes or No
  Aproximate cost  
  Method of advertising  
Faculty sponsor name & signature
CABL student team members Email, cell phone, mailing address
CABL student leader Name, signature
Be sure that you also post and tag pictures, etc on Facebook and Twitter!  These will be reviewed prior to sending your stipend check.


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