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January/February 2015

Grateful in All Things!

Another year has begun with new prospects and exciting opportunities ahead for ministry. For one, 2015 is the year when the Seventh-day Adventist World church gets together as a family to refocus on mission, to worship together and be inspired, and also to fellowship with and meet brothers and sisters from around the world. But not only that. The General Conference Session meeting provides an opportunity for ministry to the hosting city, as nearly 70,000 Adventists make the city venue home for 10 days.

In 2015, San Antonio will be the place where these many thousands can spread hope to many, by sharing God’s love and compassion. An added opportunity is that 2015 is the year when the global church is focusing on Health through “Comprehensive Health Ministry - CHM.” This global effort comes with an invitation for church leaders, pastors, administrators, ministry leaders, educators, health professionals and lay members to join forces in extending Christ healing ministry to the community.

How so? At NAD, CHM was launched at our health summit in 2014, and a DVD is available with all presentations, which discuss what CHM is all about and how it can be an effective way to engage in transformational evangelism in large urban cities as well as in rural areas (see the NAD HM online store to access this resource). Many resources for CHM were made available through then, that can be used in 2015 and beyond that. 

One of the prepared resources for use in 2015 is the Health Mission Book, which is to be distributed in millions around the globe. Here in NAD we made it possible to have it in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, along with English. A special pre-order price of .65 cents per book is available for those ordering by January 31 (see resources of page 2). This pre-order discount makes it very affordable for anyone to access it and share it.

Health Impact Day will be a day when churches and members around the world will be intentional in doing some form of health outreach and sharing the health mission book with people by the thousands. I would like to personally invite you to join us in this effort. There are so many ways for you to be a part of this exciting year of Health for the Adventist church.

First, you can help promote or organize a Health Impact Day for your church or community and invite members of the church to participate. This can be on April 18 (global date), on September 20 (NAD Let’s Move Day), or in any other date that works for your calendar. The key is to motivate your church members to order and share the health mission book as part of a church sponsored event. 

Secondly, you can encourage members to share the book throughout the year in all health ministries events or outreach, or also with a neighbor, family member, a friend or church visitor. 

Thirdly, you can pledge your own commitment to personally share this book with those you know or come in contact with on a daily basis. 

Finally, you can join us in prayer for this effort starting today, so that God use each book shared to impress the hearts of those who are searching for healing, a word of encouragement, or who are yearning to experience true joy, happiness and a full life.  May God bless each of you reading this, so you can be an instrument in His hands to touch your community with God’s love and compassion in 2015 more than ever before.

Katia Reinert, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC, PHCNS-BC
Director, Adventist Health Ministries – NAD


Join other SDA members in the "Pray One Million" effort throughout the NAD Territory.  The goal is not the one million hours, it’s rather to remind us that we are part of a Movement-wide commitment to pray specifically and consistently and passionately for the person or persons God lays on our hearts. A video is available at http://vimeo.com/110379697. To learn more go to: http://prayonemillion.org 

Reach NAD prayer calendar: 

Southern and Southwestern Union

  • 4-10 (Greater NY and NY Confereces)
  • 11-17 (Northeastern Conference)
  • 18-24 (Northern New England Conference)
  • 25-31 (Southeastern New England Conference)
  • 1-7 (Allegheny East Conference)
  • 8-14 (Allegheny West Conference)
  • 15-21 (Chesapeake and Mountain View Conference)
  • 22-28 (New Jersey Conference)

Health and Wellness: Secrets that will Change your Life 

Edited by Mark Finley and Peter Landless, and written by dozens of experts, this book is the Health Mission Book for 2015 and provides a wholistic perspective in evidence-based principles for a healthy and abundant life. www.NADHealthMinistries.org/HealthBook to order with a discount by Jan 31, 2015.

Health Ministries Resources
  • Health Mission Book 2015  The Seventh-day Adventist church globally will be focusing on Health in 2015. As part of this initiative, a sharing Health Book has been prepared to be given away to neighbors, friends as well as during any health outreach in 2015. Health and Wellness: Secrets that will change your Life, is now available for $.65 cents through Jan 31. Orders must be placed at www.NADHealthMinistries.org/HealthBook.
  • Health Sabbath February 14 is Health Sabbath in the NAD. In 2015, the focus will be on connections and their health impact. Resources such as video, a special issue of Vibrant Life, a ready to be used presentation and more will be available at www.NADHealthMinistries.org under “Calendar."
  • Health Impact Day 2015 As part of the 2015 year of Health in SDA Church, a Health Impact Day has been set-aside in the Global calendar. Churches are encouraged to impact their community with a message of hope and wholeness through any number of health outreach events on April 18th. Millions of the Health Mission book will be distributed on this global Health Impact Day. www.NADHealthMinistries.org/HealthBook for more info.
  • Facts with Hope videos The NAD Health Ministries has launched 1min videos with evidence-based counsel on healthy choices for a full abundant life. These wholistic Facts with Hope videos are available on Youtube.com , Facebook , and twitter. You can also see the latest ones at the website www.FactsWithHope.com or purchase the DVD with all the 12 videos at the online store. The website is designed to connect with the public and with young people in particular and it links to the www.ChooseFullLife.org site listed above where other health programs and spiritually related meetings are listed across the NAD.
  • February eating disorders awareness week In February we have a chance to help raise awareness of the devastating effects of eating disorders, both in Canada and in the USA. Plan to reach out to teens and adults either on Feb 1-7 in Canada, or Feb 22-28 in the USA. For resources are available at www.nedawareness.org.
  • InStep4life 5K Fun Run – San Antonio GC Session Spread the word about the upcoming 5K during the GC Session in San Antonio. Registrations are now open for those who want to join others from around the world in a fun run/walk on July 5th, starting early at 6am. A health expo is planned to follow the event. Registration is limited to 2500 people, so register today at www.AdventistsInStepforLife.org.
  • Health Calendar Emphasis - JANUARY/FEBRUARY
    • Canada: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/calend/index-eng.php
    • USA: http://www.healthfinder.gov/nho/nho.asp#m8
    • January 2015
      • Alzheirmer’s Awareness Month (Canada)
      • Thyroid Awareness Month (USA)
      • National Stalking Awareness Month (USA)
      • 19-25: National Non-smoking week (Canada)
      • 26-Feb 1: National Drug Facts Week (USA)
    • February 2015
      • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women (Canada)
      • 1 - Worlds AIDS Day
      • 1-7 Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Canada)
      • 7-13 National Influenza Vaccination Week (USA)
      • 22-28 National Eating Disorders Awareness week (USA)
    • Looking Forward (March 2015)
      • National Nutrition Month (Canada)
      • Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (US)
      • 2-8 National Sleep Awareness Week (US)
      • 9-15 Brain Awareness week (Canada)
      • 16-22 Brain Awareness week (US)
      • 22 World Water Day)

NAD Health Ministries and Mid-America Union
Health Mission Book Launched

On November 31, 2014 NAD leadership joined with leaders across North during the Year-End-Meetings to dedicate the book “Health and Wellness: Secrets that will Change your Life” as the Health Mission Book for 2015. NAD Ministerial Director, Ivan Williams led the dedication prayer sharing this special moment with NAD Health Ministry director Katia Reinert, NAD President Dan Jackson, Pacific Press President Dale Galusha, and several other ministerial team members and NAD officers. Present at the special ceremony were over 300 leaders of Unions, Conferences and ministries across the NAD. The pray is that God will use these books in 2015 and beyond to share a message of Hope and Wholeness throughout North America. Books are available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese for a special discount of .65 cents if pre-ordered by Jan 31, 2015. More info at www.NADHealthMinistries.org/HealthBook.


NETS and Health Book Pledge
The Atlantic Union Conference has continued its effort to train leaders for comprehensive health ministry, and to share the message of Hope, healing and wholeness throughout its territory. Another NETS (Northeastern Training School) cohort of students completed a four-month program to train students at Atlantic Union College preparing them to reach out in their communities through health events and evangelism. Nearly 20 students attended the week-long NAD Health Ministries training presented by Dr Reinert and Dr Don Hall as part of their curriculum in the Fall of 2014. In addition, hundreds of elders pledged to distribute the Health Mission Book in several conferences.

Adventist Recovery Ministries (ARMin) Training

On October 3-5, over 100 people came together at the Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. They from across the North Pacific Union (NPUC) to become equipped to facilitate in the ARMin Christ-centered approach to Recovery. Co-sponsored by NAD, NPUC and Adventist Health, the training successfully equipped men and women to start and lead  ARMin support groups in churches and communities around the region. When John Loor, NPUC Health director asked about what he liked one attendee listed, “Excellent faculty. Humbleness of the presenters. God centered program. It is about time the SDA church recognized we have a problem in the church. There is addiction at all levels.” Another attendee said, “I appreciate the fact that it covered a wide span of addictions and also covered suggested means to help in areas from children to elderly. There was a wide variety of ways to help with prevention and recovery. It was very informative and refreshing. I am very happy I was able to attend.” More ARMin trainings are scheduled throughout the NAD in 2015. (see calendar in page 2).

Quebec Conference Health Ministries Training

Over 100 people came together for a Health Ministries training in Montreal, Quebec, on November 15-17, 2014. Hether Frankhauser, Health Ministries director for the Quebec Conference made sure the materials were available in both English and French in an effort to equip leaders throughout the churches. Doctors Fred Hardinge, Katia Reinert, and Don Hall taught the participants of all ages, from teenagers to seniors in their 90s. Maria McClean, Health director for the church in Canada expressed the desire to facilitate more intensive efforts for training across all Canadian regions, including a NAD Health Summit for Canada in October 2016 to be done at Camp Hope, British Columbia.

Facts with Hope
FACT: Just four in 10 Americans report attending church weekly, according to a 2013 Gallup poll—a number that has stayed relatively consistent since the 1940s. Perhaps the fast pace of a secular society has changed the priorities in many people’s lives during this century,  leaving church attendance at the bottom of the list.
HOPE:  Regular church attendance reduces the risk of death by about 20 percent, according to a study of more than 92,000 older women. Controlled for benefits related to social interaction and other health-related factors, results showed a protective effect attributable to church participation alone. Why not reconsider your church attendance practice remembering the apostle’s words, “Beloved, I pray that … you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” (3 John 1:2, ESV).
FACT: In 2012, there were an estimated 9.6 million adults diagnosed with several mental illness and an estimated 43.7 million adults in the U.S. with any form of mental illness, from anxiety to obsessive compulsive disorder, according to National Institute of Mental Health data. 
HOPE: Prayer and meditation have been shown to relieve stress, depression and other mental illnesses among a wide variety of groups. One study showed that individuals for whom religion serves as the defining and organizing purpose of their lives—recovered more quickly from bouts of depression. And for those with serious mental illness, religious and spiritual activities are the most often cited in strategies that are beneficial to their state of mind. Paul writes, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:7)
FACT: More than 32 percent of adults over age 20 suffer from high blood pressure, according to the Center for Disease Control. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and mortality, as well as among the top causes for other chronic health conditions. Anger and frustration has been shown to raise the level of stress hormones in the body, triggering negative health effects such as high blood pressure. 
HOPE: Those with hypertension have seen dramatic benefits from learning to forgive. In one study, those who scored high on anger test no longer required blood pressure medication when participating in a forgiveness program. As someone said, you simply cannot swallow a poison pill and hope the other person dies, so why not consider forgiveness because it’s good for yourself?
FACT: Nearly 10 percent of people in the U.S. and nearly 27 percent of those 65 and older report they are in “poor” or “fair” health.
HOPE: In a study by faith and health at Baylor University (USA) participants who indicated that they felt loved by God and who loved Him in return, were more likely to feel they experience better health – an effective health indicator. Something about experiencing a loving relationship with God is apparently capable of influencing how one’s health is perceived, and for the better, according to the researcher. Consider choosing to deepen your relationship with God today by prayer and Bible study, ideally first thing in the morning.

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