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Mission Health Book 2015

Join a global effort to share a message of hope and wholeness in print through the 2015 Missionary Health Book.


The Adventist church in North America is joining millions of others around the world in sharing the book Health and Wellness: Secrets that will Change your LifeEdited by Mark Finley and Peter Landless, this book offers practical principles for living an abundant life. Chapter writers like doctors Ben Carson, Neil Nedley, Duane McBride, Katia Reinert, Gary Fraser, Fred Hardinge and others, share important topics for health and wellness including depression, resilience, healthy relationships, active living, faith in God and much more. The goal is to share millions of this special book as we REACH North America with hope and wholeness in a practical way. The books are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

You are encouraged to share this book during a Health Impact Day, perhaps on the NAD Let's Move Day (September 20, 2015), or at any outreach throughout the year. This book can be gifted to neighbors, friends, colleagues at work, and community friends.

Promote the Mission Health Book 2015 in your church for distribution on your Health Impact Day by showing these following videos for several consecutive Sabbaths (a different one each sabbath). Share with us stories of how you or your church is sharing the book by emailing us at NADHM@nad.adventist.org.

NAD Ministerial Team joins NAD Health Ministries in a prayer of dedication for the 2015 Mission Health Book during the NAD Year-End Meetings on October 31, 2014 in Silver Spring, MD.

The Mission Health Book 2015 is available to purchase at your local ABC store, ABC online, or on our NAD HM online store. Click the link below for different languages:  
For more information contact NADHM@nad.adventist.org or call 301-680-6733.

NAD officers join Health Ministries and Ministerial Department directors in a prayer of dedication for the 2015 Mission Health Book on October 31, 2014 during the Year-End Meetings.

Dr Katia Reinert,  NAD Health Ministries director, introduces the launching of 2015 Health Mission Book to NAD leadership in attendance at the Year-End Meeting. 

Atlantic union elders meeting on October 25, 2014 embrace commit to share thousands of books in English and French in their territory.

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