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May-June 2014 - CHOOSE to Say NO to Tobacco
FACT: According to the Center for Disease Control, men die on average 5 years earlier than women. While women are expected to live an average of 81 years at birth, men are expected to live an average of 76 years, with non-Hispanic Blacks having the lowest life expectancy at nearly 71 years compared to White and Hispanic males. 1 
HOPE: One of the factors contributing to worse health in men is the higher prevalence of cigarette smoking among males than among females at any age.2 Decide to quit today. By quitting the habit, males can reduce their chances of dying from any cause and experience a longer and happier life. 

FACT: The prevalence of heart disease if higher among men than among women, according to the US National Health Interview survey. This is particularly true in males older than 55. Tobacco use, high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol are some of the many risk factors for heart disease. Obesity rates are also higher among men than women.2 
HOPE: Physical activity can protect males from the negative effects of Tobacco and obesity. In a study of over 25,000 men who were followed for 19 years, smokers had significantly more chances of dying from any cause than non-smokers. However, among smokers, those who were highly fit cut their mortality risk in half compared to smokers with low fitness levels. If you are smoker, start by adding physical activity to your daily life. You will see the weight go down, and will find more reasons and the strength to quit.3

FACT: There is a gender-based health crisis in America, with men living sicker and dying younger than women. Men die in higher rates than women do from the top 10 causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, injuries, stroke, suicide and HIV/AIDS. Injuries are the number 3 cause of death among males, as they are victims of over 92% of workplace deaths.4  
HOPE: Many of the top killers among men are related to health behaviors and can be prevented, so going for a check up can make the difference. It is unfortunate that women are 100% more likely to visit the doctor for an annual exam or preventive check up than men are. Don’t be among these statistics. Schedule your physical today and choose to engage in healthier lifestyles. Your kids are watching.4

FACT: Depression in men often times goes undiagnosed. This contributes to a shocking statistic that men are 4 times as likely to commit suicide as women are. This increased risk is higher as men get older, with 20-24 year old males being 6 times as likely to commit suicide as females, and those over 65 having a suicide rate of nearly 29 compared to 4 in women. In many cases, depression is accompanied by the use of alcohol, tobacco or other harmful substances.4
HOPE: If you notice a change in appetite, sleep, mood, energy, concentration or interest in life in yourself or a loved one, like your father, husband, son or friend, seek professional help today. Depression symptoms can often seem unremarkable, but once diagnosed and treated, a renewed energy and purpose can prevent a tragic outcome. There is hope, and it is a call away. For help go to www.AdventistRecovery.org.  

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