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Let's Move: Adventists InStep for Life
The Seventh-day Adventist Church has joined the national Let's Move initiative. Our plan is to mobilize every member and institution to get in step for life and make a significant impact on childhood obesity.

Your involvement is key to ensuring a healthy future for our children. Join the Adventists InStep for Life initiative, and let's work together to encourage, support, and track commitments to healthier lifestyles.

The North American Division has set the following 4 annual goals for Adventists InStep for Life:

Increase physical activity by:
  • Accumulating 2 million physical activity miles through walking and other physical activities
  • 60% of Adventist students achieving the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (United States only) or NAD Active Lifestyle Award.
Focus on nutrition and increased fruit and vegetable servings by:
  • Launching 100 summer feeding sites (at least one church and one school site per conference)
  • Starting 100 new vegetable gardens or farmer’s markets (at least one church and one school garden or market per conference)
Engage kids, youth, parents, schools and the community in working together to fight obesity.

Let's Move Day
The North American Division has set aside one Sunday in September for the annual Let's Move Day event. Our goal is to get as many people possible involved in physical activity on that day. Consider what kind of event your church, school, university or hospital can sponsor and/or promote—a group walk in the park, youth sports event, organized 5K run/walk, or any other event involving physical activity. Invite other community groups, like the local health department, a university, church, or other agencies, to partner with you. Your event will create community awareness for childhood obesity and can also be used as a fundraiser for other projects, such as a community garden. You can also join an existing community event. Whatever your organization plans, remember to invite your community to join you as we move together and promote a healthier lifestyle.

For Let's Move Day ideas and resources, and to find a Let's Move Day event in your area, click here.

We Need Your Help!
Read our brochure and toolkit for ideas on what you can do to inspire healthy eating and physical activity in your church, school and community. Use the resources found here to promote the Adventists InStep for Life initiative and the Let's Move Day in your community. Each of us has a role to play in reducing childhood obesity, and together we can make a difference!

To learn more about this Adventists InStep for Life initiative please visit http://adventistsinstepforlife.org.

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