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09-25-11 Macon Residents Move To Fight Obesity
Written by: Candace Adorka

Sunday, a small group gathered at Central City Park to do something about it. Members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Macon teamed up with Macon-Bibb County Parks and Recreation to put on a local Let's Move! event, part of First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to curb childhood obesity.

"We ran 3.1 miles outside," said 11-year old Leloni Strayhorn. "It was a lot of fun but also it took a lot of work"

Strayhorn and the the group of roughly 20 people walked and ran the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail.

The Centers for Disease Control says if childhood obesity keeps increasing, a third of kids who are Strayhorn's age and younger, will get diabetes at some point in their life.

Erika Davis, one of the event organizers, said they put on the event to do their part to change that trend, by encouraging kids to move and eat healthy.

"Lets make it stop and stand and say our children and our generation can live a longer and more fulfilling life," she said.

Davis says she hopes the turn out at next year's Let's Move event will be better.

"Next year, we're hopefully gonna have it full blast on that one day so that everybody can participate."

Davis said the excersing and eating healthy doesn't have to end with the event. She said the Parks and Recreation Department offers a host of programs, including an on-going nutrition class she helps put on.

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