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09-19-11 Loma Linda University Health System Admin to visit White House
WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 19, 2011 – Ruthita J. Fike, Chief Executive Officer, and Gerald R. Winslow, PhD, Vice President of Mission and Culture of Loma Linda University Health System (LLUHS), have been invited to visit the White House on Tuesday, September 20 to convene on Improving Health Outcomes through Faith-based and Community Partnerships conference. 

Ms. Fike and Dr. Winslow, along with a small team from LLUHS, will meet with other health systems from across the nation to collaborate with the Obama Administration to improve the health and well being of underserved communities across the country. At the conference, the LLUHS team will share ideas on how faith-based healthcare institutions, like LLUHS, have created partnerships to improve the health of communities as a whole.  One example is the annual “Healthy People” Conference, which educates hundreds of community members and health professionals from across the nation.
As a Seventh-day Adventist Institution, Loma Linda University Health System strives to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout the community. “We believe an inspired community of healthy people will create a movement that can transform the community,” said Ruthita Fike. “During our time at the White House, we look forward to strategizing together and collaborating in ways we have yet to imagine.”
Of our many faith-based and community partnerships, LLUHS physicians are informing and raising awareness on a series of health topics to Inland Empire and Desert communities as part of the “Faith and Health Initiative.”  Most recently, A. Dean Sherzai, M.D., MAS, PhD, Director of the Memory and Aging Center and Director of Research for Department of Neurology provided free screening for dementia and provided health education on stroke prevention.
Of the thousands of faith-based institutions across the nation, LLUHS is proud to be one of the mere 21 that will be in attendance at the White House.
LLUMC Administration is available to speak about their experience at our Nation’s capital after the event concludes.

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